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02 Apr

Chapter SS19


Summer’s first breeze caresses the skin and the sun feels generous. From the soft sky, the sea billows and calms gracefully like liquid silk – mesmerizing, dreamy, slow paced, seeming to sway and unwind the mind to its tranquil tempo. There is a scent of sweet sorbet, cool and familiar. Eyes closed, diffuse childhood memories by the shore play like an old film, in airy tones, against the eyelids. A sense of wistful serenity fills the soul. This is home.









Photos by Luis Díaz Díaz.

Special thanks to UnDo ReDo for their collaboration.


04 Apr

Tool for reflection, rest,…









Herramienta de reflexión, descanso, trabajo, observación,…
Espacio entre tránsitos…
La vida como secuencia de vidas…
De todo esto y mucho más nos hablan los asientos de UnDo ReDo


Tool for reflection, rest, work, to contemplate…
Space between transits…
Life as a sequence of lives…
The UnDo ReDo seats talk about all of this and more


UnDo ReDo in KNITBRARY Studio
c/ Orzán 33 bajo
15003 A Coruña
se recomienda cita previa
appointment is recommended


video by Falperra Producciones


18 Dec

Christmas store


Del 20 de diciembre al 04 de enero.
c/ orzán 33 bajo.
A Coruña.


UnDo ReDo


De lunes a sábados:
11:00 a 14:00 y 16:00 a 20:00
Domingos, 24 y 31:
11:00 a 14:00


22 Jul

UnDo ReDo





Rescue, rehabilitate, re-use and keep learning about the best selection of iconic chairs & furniture is the UnDo ReDo proposal.