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28 Sep

Embracing Time


Perfection is an infinite search. Often considered unattainable, it is elusive because neither does it just occur, nor can it be acquired. You can buy a house, but you can’t buy a home. The latter is not achieved in a day. Only after you’ve painted, furnished and refurnished it three times, cooked and drunk wine with friends in it, does it begin to feel like home and even so will it probably only ever come ‘close to perfect’.

Inherent are flaws and chaos. But our quirks and blemishes build individuality and instead of covering them up, we should celebrate them. After all, it is only through acknowledging them that we can grow and improve.

In artisanship and innovation you always feel like a new dweller. The possibilities seem endless and yet everything takes a lot of time. It might take mere days to knit a sweater, but simple, it turns out, is just as deceptive a concept as ‘perfect’. Simple is never plain simple. Design, sourcing and choosing the right material, thinking up new textures and colors, the exact tension applied by the knitter (just to name a few) form an arduous process of trial and error.

And sometimes you make a mess of it. And then you have to undo everything, and start all over again. Is it disheartening? Yes. Isn’t there a way around it? No. In excellence there are no short cuts and mistakes lead to discoveries that can lead to masterpieces. You have to go all the way and embrace the mishaps and setbacks, and above all embrace time, because just occasionally you will experience blissful moments of true perfection and feel that it is in these fleeting instants that you find purity, and everything makes perfect sense.