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04 Aug

Time never repeats



“Life delineates itself on the canvas called time; and time never repeats: once gone, forever gone; and so is an act: once done, it is never undone. Life is a sumiye-painting, which must be executed once and for all time without hesitation, without intellection, and no corrections are permissible or possible.”

(Suzuki Daisetsu)




15 Oct

Ode to identity





Looking for a tangible reality…



Tactile emotions.



Nostalgic luxury.



Resonating calm.



Those days…






Ode to identity.

Pictures by Óscar Companioni

Special thanks to ISADORA Art Deco for the furniture.

12 May

Enjoy the silence


Silence is a contemplative mood, time to be in solitude and relax.

A serene meditation and a peaceful environment, clear shapes and calm tones.

A dream-like theme offering simplicity and honesty.



 Watery greens, spiritual blues and natural tones to immerse yourself in an intimate space.

Serenity and balance evoke a sensual humanity.




Pictures by Óscar Companioni