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18 Aug

You can’t get time back


Behind our knits’ beautiful exterior are a team of people who work steadily and passionately giving the greatest possible attention to all the fine details – from thoughtfully devising a new design, rigorously selecting the finest yarns, to knitting your KNITBRARY, there are so many hands involved, and most certainly our heart.

Preserving our Peruvian artisans’ cultural heritage, the art of knitting is important to us and we are committed to showing our respect and admiration for their masterful handcraftsmanship – and of course to all the rest of the team who make KNITBRARY possible.

All our stories and poetry, emotions, love, dreams and unflagging energy are woven into each of our knits – and that’s what gives your KNITBRARY its unique character and timelessness. KNITBRARY is more than just a sweater and must be felt to be truly understood.

We don’t believe our knits deserve to go on sale, because what constitutes KNITBRARY simply cannot be devalued – it is our very essence, our reason for being.


09 Oct

Inheriting the beauty


Inheriting the beauty from the creator’s hands.


26 Sep

Sense of home


Landscapes captured in a simple gesture to create, knot by knot, an emotion that we call home.


20 Jul

Beauty created in a beautiful way


KNITBRARY stands for the return of the knit as a unique and timeless piece.

True luxury can not always be appreciated at first sight. It is time, dedication, craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainability, creativity, identity, and emotion that go into the making of each of our knits.

We understand our pieces as silent luxury that can not be seen, that must be touched, that must be understood.

It’s design that gives prominence to the qualities, to the craftsman’s skills, to the extraordinary color development.

Beauty created in a beautiful way.