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28 Mar

Powerful identity

knitbrary journal - powerful identity


It takes the hand to create individuality, and the hand to understand it…

Small variations in color or texture naturally occur in artisanal processes where the majority of steps are done manually. Each of our pieces develops their own uniqueness & identity in the creation in which time is a pivotal ingredient. There is no way of speeding what we do up.

Sublime imperfection will always take time.


Photo of our Trace Funnel Sweater in the making.


20 Feb

Authenticity is beautiful

knitbrary - authenticity is beautiful


True beauty does not vanish with the passing of time…

Photo taken in Peru by KNITBRARY


24 Aug

The manifestation of beauty


“A work of art is the result or expression of nature, in miniature.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

For centuries have poets, writers and artists immersed themselves in nature to satisfy their longing for beauty – a nobler need of man.

Nature is wholeness, the perfect balance between change and permanence, and enigmatic convulsive splendor. We can try to capture it, explain or define it but true natural beauty manifests itself in a multiplicity of forms in the most unforeseen fleeting instants. It is an ultimate insomuch as it is a catalyst for thought, remembrance and understanding.

When we wander off into nature and let it react to us freely, we find deep connection, or even have revelations. What we bring back is a unified vision of nature’s infinite array of shapes, forms and colors conveyed in its totality through our art.

Art thus is the distillation of nature by man.


Picture of our sheerest Royal Alpaca sweater in Cousteau Blue. 


09 Oct

Inheriting the beauty


Inheriting the beauty from the creator’s hands.


20 Jul

Beauty created in a beautiful way


KNITBRARY stands for the return of the knit as a unique and timeless piece.

True luxury can not always be appreciated at first sight. It is time, dedication, craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainability, creativity, identity, and emotion that go into the making of each of our knits.

We understand our pieces as silent luxury that can not be seen, that must be touched, that must be understood.

It’s design that gives prominence to the qualities, to the craftsman’s skills, to the extraordinary color development.

Beauty created in a beautiful way.