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22 Feb

Let winter be winter

knitbrary - let winter be winter


Time is so precious and it is essential that we cherish every day and give the important moments our undivided attention and the appreciation that they truly deserve. Because that is when we understand that time does not really fly, nor does it last forever, … it is precisely the pace we choose it to be.

Let winter be winter and let it embrace you in its calmest & warmest form.


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04 Dec

Looking closely


The outdoors is an infinite source of inspiration.

Photo of our High-neck sweater in the shade Wet Lichen Stone, in the making. 


24 Nov

Custodians of beauty



Ancient skills patiently applied and refined leave their secret imprinted on this piece; a secret that finally reveals itself through the wearer in its fine languid movement and rich luminescent color…


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17 Nov



As unique as the maker’s hands that lovingly hand knitted this piece.


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08 Nov

…on excellence


‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.’ (Aristotle)


Photo of our Cable Sweater in Burnt Scarlet in the making.