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31 Aug

Color: the power of evocation


Laid out in front of us covering the entire natural color palette are the yarns in all their glory. Delicate shades of white, so immaculately pure and light, they’re almost diaphanous – you can see the softness long before you feel it. In reverence, we rigorously make our selection.

Some of our pieces are knitted from yarn that is left in its natural color, a homage to nature’s sheer perfection. Others become canvases. Manually dyed by only the most distinguished expert artisans‘ hands, no machines intervene, and only the discerning eye and hands of man are involved. A true artisan’s craft always works with the material’s nature, never against it. The aim is to enhance natural beauty, not cover it.

Color is a living matter, it’s carnal and ever-evolving. Depending on the light, texture and shape, the tone changes and reveals its thousands of different facets and accents.

Its changing nature is what truly amazes us but concurrently it instils a sense of never being able to fully understand it. A passion and drive we share with the dyers we work with, we collaborate to push boundaries in order to convey sensations and feeling.

Although laborious, things that take long, last long. With abiding patience we create pieces of individual personality, whose color exudes character and awakens our senses, and takes us back to places and moments of our memories.

Color evokes sentiment. Therefore we feel color.


08 May

Style with substance

KNITBRARY SS15 Man Collection


An ode to a long tradition.
The desire to do things well.
Style with substance.