31 Aug

Color: the power of evocation


Laid out in front of us covering the entire natural color palette are the yarns in all their glory. Delicate shades of white, so immaculately pure and light, they’re almost diaphanous – you can see the softness long before you feel it. In reverence, we rigorously make our selection.

Some of our pieces are knitted from yarn that is left in its natural color, a homage to nature’s sheer perfection. Others become canvases. Manually dyed by only the most distinguished expert artisans‘ hands, no machines intervene, and only the discerning eye and hands of man are involved. A true artisan’s craft always works with the material’s nature, never against it. The aim is to enhance natural beauty, not cover it.

Color is a living matter, it’s carnal and ever-evolving. Depending on the light, texture and shape, the tone changes and reveals its thousands of different facets and accents.

Its changing nature is what truly amazes us but concurrently it instils a sense of never being able to fully understand it. A passion and drive we share with the dyers we work with, we collaborate to push boundaries in order to convey sensations and feeling.

Although laborious, things that take long, last long. With abiding patience we create pieces of individual personality, whose color exudes character and awakens our senses, and takes us back to places and moments of our memories.

Color evokes sentiment. Therefore we feel color.


24 Aug

The manifestation of beauty


“A work of art is the result or expression of nature, in miniature.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

For centuries have poets, writers and artists immersed themselves in nature to satisfy their longing for beauty – a nobler need of man.

Nature is wholeness, the perfect balance between change and permanence, and enigmatic convulsive splendor. We can try to capture it, explain or define it but true natural beauty manifests itself in a multiplicity of forms in the most unforeseen fleeting instants. It is an ultimate insomuch as it is a catalyst for thought, remembrance and understanding.

When we wander off into nature and let it react to us freely, we find deep connection, or even have revelations. What we bring back is a unified vision of nature’s infinite array of shapes, forms and colors conveyed in its totality through our art.

Art thus is the distillation of nature by man.


Picture of our sheerest Royal Alpaca sweater in Cousteau Blue. 


18 Aug

You can’t get time back


Behind our knits’ beautiful exterior are a team of people who work steadily and passionately giving the greatest possible attention to all the fine details – from thoughtfully devising a new design, rigorously selecting the yarns, knitting your KNITBRARY, over to gently and lovingly wrapping it in its exquisite packaging so it will find you in the best state possible.

Preserving our Peruvian artisans’ cultural heritage, the art of knitting, has been our core value since day 1 and we are committed to showing our respect and admiration for their laborious yet masterful handcraftsmanship – and of course to all the rest of the team who make KNITBRARY possible.

All our stories and poetry, emotions, love, dreams and unflagging energy are woven into each of our knits – and that’s what gives your KNITBRARY its unique character and timelessness. KNITBRARY is more than just a sweater and must be tried on and felt to be truly understood.

The foundation for the incomparable feel of your KNITBRARY comes from our premium yarns’ superb natural qualities, as well as our conscientious and vigilant production process. Committed to excellence, each piece is treated as a unique work of art, a masterpiece we vouch for with our good name.

We don’t believe our knits deserve to go on sale, because what constitutes KNITBRARY simply cannot be devalued – it is our very essence, our reason for being.


06 Jun


We would like to invite you to our SS18 Man Collection presentation at Pitti Uomo 92.


Medici Pavilion – Touch! – Stand D11
June 13th – 16th
Fortezza da Basso


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22 May

Always be a poet, even in prose


“Always be a poet, even in prose.”
(Charles Baudelaire)

Picture of our sheerest royal alpaca cardigan.