15 Nov

To my great teachers


Anni Albers (1899 – 1994) was a textile designer, weaver, writer, printmaker and leading pioneer in 20th century modernism. Forever an explorer and intrepid experimenter with materials and yarns, she put the loom and weaving on the map as a fine art, a form of language that offered endless possibilities of expression.

Amongst all the countries across Latin America that Anni had travelled to, it was Peru and its artisans that she grew particularly fond of, and that influenced her work. She always stated the ancient Peruvian craft as the highest achievement weaving could aspire to, unsurpassed, to her mind, in inventiveness of weave structure, use of color & timelessness in its beauty.

Peruvian textiles and weaving set the bar by which we understand the possibilities of yarns. Deeply inspired, Anni’s intricate and fearlessly entangled weaving is complex as much as it is joyous and luminous all at once, each twist and knot a narrative of her devotion and passion for the craft.

So much so, that she humbly dedicated her book On Weaving “to my great teachers, the weavers of ancient Peru.”


07 Nov

The thoughtful creation of a space to inhabit

knitbrary - smart coat woman aw1819

 AW18/19 Smart coat edition


Guarding our sense of solitude and humble calmness, they are the most secluded spots we seek, where we find shelter and can only be ourselves. Spaces capable of carrying our memories, and that like an accomplice will keep our treasures and secrets safe, hidden in his pocket.

In essence it is an invisible space. A thoughtfully formed necessary emptiness full of quietness and stillness, where light and motion articulate its volume and poetry is spelled by the hand’s softest caress. A space so silent and wondrous, we want to linger, to inhabit.

Worn & lived in it is inside here that when all your stories come together, it can only be yours.





knitbrary - smart coat man aw1819

 AW18/19 Smart coat edition




Photos by Luis Díaz Díaz

31 Oct



FGUK Magazine
October 2o19
Stylist: Fernando Suárez & Natalia Fernández
Photographer: Amaia Niango
Model: Wei Liu


20 Oct

Autumn/Winter sample sale


We would like to invite you to our Autumn/Winter Sample Sale in which we will present a selection of exceptional samples that we will offer at a special price.

Visit us in our studio/store in A Coruña (Spain) or see our Sample Sale section in our online store. The sale will be held from October 22nd to 27th. For more information you can also write to us at info@knitbrary.com

We love to hear from you!


KNITBRARY sample sale
October 22nd – 27th, 2018.
Online: Shop women’sShop men’s


Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00 & 16:00 – 20:00
Sunday: closed
C/Orzán 33 Bajo
15003 A Coruña
Phone: +34 881 252 985


Os invitamos a nuestra venta especial de Invierno en la que presentamos una cuidada selección de primeras muestras.

Podéis ver la selección en nuestra tienda online y también en nuestro estudio en A Coruña.

¡Os esperamos!


08 Oct

Japan’s gardens – curated tamed wildness



Patiently refined and sculpted, Japanese gardens never cease to instill a sense of calm & wonder.

Shapes, proportions and design matter the most and are painstakingly worked out. Excellence manifests itself in even the (seemingly) most insignificant and imperceptible details. And in the midst of the calm and unhurried rhythm, one immediately becomes aware of the beauty they silently guard.

Between seclusion and spaciousness, art and antiquity, curated details and wildness, one finds connectedness & wholeness.

It is this feeling of being at one with nature as well as a sensitivity for the art of the small things that turn ‘gardening’ into a discipline of perfection, a ritual of harmony and grace, intimately bound to the hand of the curator.

It is what makes these gardens so truly wondrous: Their patient and unrelenting attention to detail, each measured gesture, and the time taken to create something that will last and continue to bring marvels & joy.