05 Dec

Helena Rohner





The pureness of lines, the simplicity of shapes and the original way to combine silver with surprising materials like porcelain or wood is inherent to Helena Rohner’s creations.

Creations that are recognizable with their serenity and strength of design.


03 Oct

Light impressions


Blueware is a Glithero collection of ceramics with cyanotypes, a process of capturing direct impressions of botanical specimens on earthenware, using photosensitive chemicals.


Glithero blueware vases


22 Jul

UnDo ReDo





Rescue, rehabilitate, re-use and keep learning about the best selection of iconic chairs & furniture is the UnDo ReDo proposal.


02 Jun

Tangible moments





Monique Habraken returns to the origin of the image suggesting a moment which has passed and making it tangible.