08 Oct

Japan’s gardens – curated tamed wildness



Patiently refined and sculpted, Japanese gardens never cease to instill a sense of calm & wonder.

Shapes, proportions and design matter the most and are painstakingly worked out. Excellence manifests itself in even the (seemingly) most insignificant and imperceptible details. And in the midst of the calm and unhurried rhythm, one immediately becomes aware of the beauty they silently guard.

Between seclusion and spaciousness, art and antiquity, curated details and wildness, one finds connectedness & wholeness.

It is this feeling of being at one with nature as well as a sensitivity for the art of the small things that turn ‘gardening’ into a discipline of perfection, a ritual of harmony and grace, intimately bound to the hand of the curator.

It is what makes these gardens so truly wondrous: Their patient and unrelenting attention to detail, each measured gesture, and the time taken to create something that will last and continue to bring marvels & joy.


11 Jul

Ikigai – In the infinite here & now


It translates as ‘our reason for being’ or ‘a reason to jump out of bed in the morning’ – a point of perfect balance, and a sense of fulfillment.

On the Japanese island of Okinawa people believe that finding your Ikigai is the key to longevity and happiness. It is the lens that helps bring your values into focus, leaving the stress and urgency behind, in order to find your purpose, nurture your friendships, and pursue your passions.

Not so much a way of life as a deep understanding of what is already existent in each and every one of us, it is the pursuit and expression of our individuality and harmony.


Photo: Leo & Feliciana knitting in our workshop in Arequipa (Peru).


05 Oct


“What is a package if it has no feeling?” (Hideyuki Oka)

To that end, what is anything if it has no feeling?

When we start to appreciate
the ordinary things in life
when we let our hands
reconnect with material
when we allow ourselves to
take the time,

we will hopefully
find connectedness and wholeness
with nature
we will become aware of
our imprint and
we will understand that
aesthetic and moral
must be one.


Inspired by Tsutsumu, the fading Japanese art of wrapping.


04 Apr

Tool for reflection, rest,…









Herramienta de reflexión, descanso, trabajo, observación,…
Espacio entre tránsitos…
La vida como secuencia de vidas…
De todo esto y mucho más nos hablan los asientos de UnDo ReDo


Tool for reflection, rest, work, to contemplate…
Space between transits…
Life as a sequence of lives…
The UnDo ReDo seats talk about all of this and more


UnDo ReDo in KNITBRARY Studio
c/ Orzán 33 bajo
15003 A Coruña
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video by Falperra Producciones