15 Dec

Alpaca Suri capes edition

We have created our Suri Alpaca capes to give you an enveloping feeling of beauty and delicacy and now you can find them in our on-line store.


18 Oct

Capes edition


Each project is a journey full of emotions and new discoveries. An enveloping feeling of beauty and delicacy.


20 Jul

beauty created in a beautiful way


KNITBRARY stands for a return to the knit as a unique and timeless piece.

True luxury can not always be appreciated at first sight. It is time, dedication, craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainability, creativity, identity, emotion,…

In this way we understand our pieces as a silent luxury that can not be seen, that must be touched, that must be understood.

Design that gives prominence to the qualities, to the craftsman’s skills, to the extraordinary color development.

Beauty created in a beautiful way.