15 Nov

To my great teachers


Anni Albers (1899 – 1994) was a textile designer, weaver, writer, printmaker and leading pioneer in 20th century modernism. Forever an explorer and intrepid experimenter with materials and yarns, she put the loom and weaving on the map as a fine art, a form of language that offered endless possibilities of expression.

Amongst all the countries across Latin America that Anni had travelled to, it was Peru and its artisans that she grew particularly fond of, and that influenced her work. She always stated the ancient Peruvian craft as the highest achievement weaving could aspire to, unsurpassed, to her mind, in inventiveness of weave structure, use of color & timelessness in its beauty.

Peruvian textiles and weaving set the bar by which we understand the possibilities of yarns. Deeply inspired, Anni’s intricate and fearlessly entangled weaving is complex as much as it is joyous and luminous all at once, each twist and knot a narrative of her devotion and passion for the craft.

So much so, that she humbly dedicated her book On Weaving “to my great teachers, the weavers of ancient Peru.”


19 Oct

Cuzco: “A dream come true”




When Irving Penn was sent to Cuzco for his first fashion assignment on site in 1948, little did he know it would mark an important turning point in his career, and life. Captivated by what he saw, Penn decided not to return to New York, but to stay in the “old and remote heart of America” to photograph its people.

For Penn, who had previously been more inclined to shoot in closed spaces, photographing the people in the streets of Cuzco became a revelatory adventure that would lead to 2000 photographs of residents and visitors from villages nearby. The series became his first set of portraits whose principles would define all following ethnographic portraits he would make in the consecutive 25 years.

Despite the language barrier and a world of differences, Penn managed to merge and convey both, exoticism and everyday life of his subjects who, without words, were able to “span the gulf between our different worlds”.

Cuzco was, as he would go on to describe it, “a dream come true”.


11 Oct

Luis Díaz Díaz




Order & harmony, and the beautiful “in-betweens”

When you visit Luis’s website and look at his photos, chances are you’ll find yourself so engrossed you end up gazing at his entire photo gallery. Luis proves that photography remains an art able to create and convey order and harmony in times of grave visual overstimulation.

Specialized in architecture and interior spaces, he has an eye for geometry, light and color, and the swiftness to capture the beautiful and tender moments or “in-betweens” of their inhabitants.

We have collaborated with Luis in the last season, and are proud of having our AW17/18 collection shot by him again this year.