22 May

Always be a poet, even in prose


“Always be a poet, even in prose.”
(Charles Baudelaire)

Picture of our sheerest royal alpaca cardigan.


16 Apr

Nieve Negra






Estamos encantados de formar parte del vestuario de Nieve Negra. Muchas gracias a Sonia Grande (directora de vestuario) y Martín Hodara (director) por haber pensado en nosotros.


We are delighted to be part of the costume of Nieve Negra. Many thanks to Sonia Grande (costume designer) and Martin Hodara (director) for trust in our work.


15 Dec

Alpaca Suri capes edition

We have created our Suri Alpaca capes to give you an enveloping feeling of beauty and delicacy and now you can find them in our on-line store.


15 Oct

Ode to identity





Looking for a tangible reality…



Tactile emotions.



Nostalgic luxury.



Resonating calm.



Those days…






Ode to identity.

Pictures by Óscar Companioni

Special thanks to ISADORA Art Deco for the furniture.