28 Sep

Embracing Time


Perfection is an infinite search. Often considered unattainable, it is elusive because neither does it just occur, nor can it be acquired. You can buy a house, but you can’t buy a home. The latter is not achieved in a day. Only after you’ve painted, furnished and refurnished it three times, cooked and drunk wine with friends in it, does it begin to feel like home and even so will it probably only ever come ‘close to perfect’.

Inherent are flaws and chaos. But our quirks and blemishes build individuality and instead of covering them up, we should celebrate them. After all, it is only through acknowledging them that we can grow and improve.

In artisanship and innovation you always feel like a new dweller. The possibilities seem endless and yet everything takes a lot of time. It might take mere days to knit a sweater, but simple, it turns out, is just as deceptive a concept as ‘perfect’. Simple is never plain simple. Design, sourcing and choosing the right material, thinking up new textures and colors, the exact tension applied by the knitter (just to name a few) form an arduous process of trial and error.

And sometimes you make a mess of it. And then you have to undo everything, and start all over again. Is it disheartening? Yes. Isn’t there a way around it? No. In excellence there are no short cuts and mistakes lead to discoveries that can lead to masterpieces. You have to go all the way and embrace the mishaps and setbacks, and above all embrace time, because just occasionally you will experience blissful moments of true perfection and feel that it is in these fleeting instants that you find purity, and everything makes perfect sense.


21 Sep

Behind the scenes





‘The thing I love most about it is the intimacy’ – the serenity and calm atmosphere, despite your initial palpitating heart. As soon as the action starts, all your worries simply vanish. It makes you realize what really enriches your work, is the team.

We collaborate with exceptional people, individuals who unlike anybody else define KNITBRARY – people who have become very dear to us for their noble character, endless generosity and enigmatic elegance (more than physical, the kind that comes from true inner beauty). Real people with a genuine connection to our work, who left us speechless when they did not hesitate for a second over supporting us when KNITBRARY was only just founded, and who we hope will continue to write our story with us. We are growing and maturing together, and it is difficult to say where work ends, and family starts.

Communicating your stories and vision to the outside world is no mean feat. Sometimes words don’t do a certain emotion full justice. But when everybody is so in sync with your idea and feeling, words become superfluous. They seem to inherently know and are able to transmit all your emotion in a mere instant. This is a defining moment, where your script really comes to life. Seeing your pieces being actually worn for the first time, the expression, the gestures, the interplay between light and shadow and their effect on textures and color. It is magic and honest at the same time, creating a very serene experience, and we want our work to be reflective of that.

You live these moments very intensely, but if you are surrounded by such wonderful people, at the end of the day you can feel the love in every detail.


14 Sep

The stories we tell


‘The infinite is in the finite of every instant’ (saying)

We will carry with us and wear a favorite piece of clothing for years, some even forever. But what makes it dear is that you remember the first time you wore it, that it’s the one thing you brought home from a faraway travel, somewhere you instinctively feared you would never return to; or that it was once your mother’s favorite – that piece you unwittingly picture her in whenever you think of her, which is so emblematic of her immaculate style and infinite grace. Items that, every time somebody compliments you on, make your eyes light up.

Like the stories behind your favorite pieces, these are ours:
We can’t see the end result yet, but we like to think it’s a piece with many future memories in the making. For us, watching our knits come alive is a story unfolding before our eyes. Like an author writing a novel, his eyes, too, are the first to witness the drama as his hands type word after word. Writers write books about their process of story telling, artists record their works at distinct stages or describe their creative process, maybe not to reveal a secret formula (if there is any), ..but because these stories are beautiful, and so worth telling.

In art, the idea that a tangible element is ‘a’ but not ‘the’ result of an artistic action brings forward the silent stories, the ones solely known to the creator. A concept referred to as the poetics of documented procedure, in which narration and lyrical registration of the artistic action transcend to become an art form in itself.

The stories we tell become expressions of our actions and our love, and are the relics of our most treasured moments; ultimately they are our legacy.


31 Aug

Color: the power of evocation


Laid out in front of us covering the entire natural color palette are the yarns in all their glory. Delicate shades of white, so immaculately pure and light, they’re almost diaphanous – you can see the softness long before you feel it. In reverence, we rigorously make our selection.

Some of our pieces are knitted from yarn that is left in its natural color, a homage to nature’s sheer perfection. Others become canvases. Manually dyed by only the most distinguished expert artisans‘ hands, no machines intervene, and only the discerning eye and hands of man are involved. A true artisan’s craft always works with the material’s nature, never against it. The aim is to enhance natural beauty, not cover it.

Color is a living matter, it’s carnal and ever-evolving. Depending on the light, texture and shape, the tone changes and reveals its thousands of different facets and accents.

Its changing nature is what truly amazes us but concurrently it instils a sense of never being able to fully understand it. A passion and drive we share with the dyers we work with, we collaborate to push boundaries in order to convey sensations and feeling.

Although laborious, things that take long, last long. With abiding patience we create pieces of individual personality, whose color exudes character and awakens our senses, and takes us back to places and moments of our memories.

Color evokes sentiment. Therefore we feel color.


24 Aug

The manifestation of beauty


“A work of art is the result or expression of nature, in miniature.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

For centuries have poets, writers and artists immersed themselves in nature to satisfy their longing for beauty – a nobler need of man.

Nature is wholeness, the perfect balance between change and permanence, and enigmatic convulsive splendor. We can try to capture it, explain or define it but true natural beauty manifests itself in a multiplicity of forms in the most unforeseen fleeting instants. It is an ultimate insomuch as it is a catalyst for thought, remembrance and understanding.

When we wander off into nature and let it react to us freely, we find deep connection, or even have revelations. What we bring back is a unified vision of nature’s infinite array of shapes, forms and colors conveyed in its totality through our art.

Art thus is the distillation of nature by man.


Picture of our sheerest Royal Alpaca sweater in Cousteau Blue.