28 Mar

Noble lines


“It is not sufficient to see and know the beauty of a work. We must feel it and be affected by it.” (Voltaire)

The reverent hand whose every stroke and touch, from drawing the first line to the last stitch and finishing knot, is a lesson taught by the noble masters of the generations of our past; their knowledge & passion is patiently engraved in even the finest lines of our fingers, which in return leave their imprint on each piece forever.


19 Jul

Knit reverie


Truth and essence lie in our dreams, where imagination creates reality and time does not exist.


Cables sweater in Golden Sunset


05 Jul

Tactile poetry


When a piece returns your caress, it is poetry.


Sheer ribbed polo in Cousteau Blue. 


20 Apr

La durana

knitbrary - journal la durana 20180420


Before we knit each of our pieces we always have to do some tests first with the yarn and the pattern which we have decided to knit. It’s a necessary step always.

In our case, this turns into one of the most crucial and delicate moments in which it is important to be patient and to take time.

Getting involved and observe closely. And, it is then when we must determine the right tension needed for knitting each piece, in other words, the ‘durana’. For us, this is not simply a number, but more importantly, a name: Sabina, Lorgia, Alejandrina, Nélida,…

Each knitter has her own pulse, her own heartbeat – unique, not precise – that varies with her emotions and thoughts and which, in the end, will decipher the end result.

Throughout the years and our close collaboration, admiration and getting to know one another, we are almost certain about which number or durana is ‘the one’ but above all, we love when the time comes to guess the name: ‘Tension Feliciana’ 18/04/18. We smile.


28 Mar

Powerful identity

knitbrary journal - powerful identity


It takes the hand to create individuality, and the hand to understand it…

Small variations in color or texture naturally occur in artisanal processes where the majority of steps are done manually. Each of our pieces develops their own uniqueness & identity in the creation in which time is a pivotal ingredient. There is no way of speeding what we do up.

Sublime imperfection will always take time.


Photo of our Trace Funnel Sweater in the making.