15 Nov

To my great teachers


Anni Albers (1899 – 1994) was a textile designer, weaver, writer, printmaker and leading pioneer in 20th century modernism. Forever an explorer and intrepid experimenter with materials and yarns, she put the loom and weaving on the map as a fine art, a form of language that offered endless possibilities of expression.

Amongst all the countries across Latin America that Anni had travelled to, it was Peru and its artisans that she grew particularly fond of, and that influenced her work. She always stated the ancient Peruvian craft as the highest achievement weaving could aspire to, unsurpassed, to her mind, in inventiveness of weave structure, use of color & timelessness in its beauty.

Peruvian textiles and weaving set the bar by which we understand the possibilities of yarns. Deeply inspired, Anni’s intricate and fearlessly entangled weaving is complex as much as it is joyous and luminous all at once, each twist and knot a narrative of her devotion and passion for the craft.

So much so, that she humbly dedicated her book On Weaving “to my great teachers, the weavers of ancient Peru.”


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