07 Nov

The thoughtful creation of a space to inhabit

knitbrary - smart coat woman aw1819

 AW18/19 Smart coat edition


Guarding our sense of solitude and humble calmness, they are the most secluded spots we seek, where we find shelter and can only be ourselves. Spaces capable of carrying our memories, and that like an accomplice will keep our treasures and secrets safe, hidden in his pocket.

In essence it is an invisible space. A thoughtfully formed necessary emptiness full of quietness and stillness, where light and motion articulate its volume and poetry is spelled by the hand’s softest caress. A space so silent and wondrous, we want to linger, to inhabit.

Worn & lived in it is inside here that when all your stories come together, it can only be yours.





knitbrary - smart coat man aw1819

 AW18/19 Smart coat edition




Photos by Luis Díaz Díaz

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