21 Sep

Behind the scenes





‘The thing I love most about it is the intimacy’ – the serenity and calm atmosphere, despite your initial palpitating heart. As soon as the action starts, all your worries simply vanish. It makes you realize what really enriches your work, is the team.

We collaborate with exceptional people, individuals who unlike anybody else define KNITBRARY – people who have become very dear to us for their noble character, endless generosity and enigmatic elegance (more than physical, the kind that comes from true inner beauty). Real people with a genuine connection to our work, who left us speechless when they did not hesitate for a second over supporting us when KNITBRARY was only just founded, and who we hope will continue to write our story with us. We are growing and maturing together, and it is difficult to say where work ends, and family starts.

Communicating your stories and vision to the outside world is no mean feat. Sometimes words don’t do a certain emotion full justice. But when everybody is so in sync with your idea and feeling, words become superfluous. They seem to inherently know and are able to transmit all your emotion in a mere instant. This is a defining moment, where your script really comes to life. Seeing your pieces being actually worn for the first time, the expression, the gestures, the interplay between light and shadow and their effect on textures and color. It is magic and honest at the same time, creating a very serene experience, and we want our work to be reflective of that.

You live these moments very intensely, but if you are surrounded by such wonderful people, at the end of the day you can feel the love in every detail.


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