21 Oct

knitbrary in Vogue November 2016


Vogue Spain
November 2016
Stylist: Ana Tovar
Photographer: Mónica Suárez de Tangil
Model: Hanna Verges


20 Oct

knitbrary in Ling October 2016


Ling Magazine
October 2016
Creative director & styling: Francisco Javier Marcos
Photographer: Jesús Leonardo
Model: Jonás Basail


18 Oct

Capes edition


Each project is a journey full of emotions and new discoveries. An enveloping feeling of beauty and delicacy.


01 Oct

knitbrary in MONOCLE October 2016


October 2016
Editor: Liam Aldous
Photographer: Luis Díaz


c/ Orzán 33 bajo
15003 A Coruña